Direct Mail

Successful Direct Mailing

Direct mail marketing is booming. Surprised? E-mail and Internet marketing may be attracting buzz, but there are still strong incentives to send printed messages directly to customers whom you select. In recent studies when comparing direct mail to other widely-used mediums, direct mail outperforms its closest competitor (telemarketing) by $81.2B, or 17.8%.  When compared with… Read More Successful Direct Mailing


Consumer & Customer Privacy Laws: The CAN-SPAM Act

While many consumers today assume they know the laws governing direct marketing, they are usually unaware that there are lines direct marketers  can  cross and the rules tend to get a little hazy. For instance, a telephone interviewer is able to call numbers on the National Do-Not-Call Registry, but a telemarketer is not. A financial… Read More Consumer & Customer Privacy Laws: The CAN-SPAM Act