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Data Waste – Are you Flushing Marketing Dollars?

Data waste – How much money is your company wasting on postage?

The ever-changing physical and online world can have a dramatic impact on your customer file. People relocate, change their email addresses and before you¬†know it, you’re customer file is outdated! Before you launch your next marketing campaign, consider how you would answer these questions about your customer database:

  • Data Quality – Is the data clean?
  • Data Latency – Is the data current?
  • Data Integration – Is the data accurate?

Sometimes it’s hard to know the answer. ANS’ Data Health Assessment pinpoints potential data quality issues within your file while identifying opportunities to make improvements that will drive business value for you.

We will complete a free assessment of your data’s unique issues and advise on necessary actions, such as:

Businesses typically lose 12-20% of their marketing budget to dirty data. Trust an industry leader to eliminate duplicates, increase delivery, highlight problems and improve overall customer insight. Contact our team today to stop wasting marketing dollars and start getting the most out of your customer

Learn more about ANS’ data services, here.

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