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Social Media Marketing – Strategy Questions

Some fantastic social media marketing questions are asked in HubSpot’s article 9 Questions to Ask Before Creating Another Social Media Account. These questions are important to ask before starting any new social media platform, as not all platforms are necessary for your company. We want you to spend your efforts and resources in the most… Read More Social Media Marketing – Strategy Questions

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Get Motivated Update

  Attendees to the Get Motivated Seminars. These seminars feature high-profile speakers that include U.S. Presidents, business magnates, professional athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and Olympians. These action-packed seminars focus on self-improvement, personal development, continuing education, entrepreneurial training, and leadership and management skills training. This training offers something for everyone, and are well attended by professionals in… Read More Get Motivated Update

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Psychological Tricks That Help Marketers

I recently read Business Insider’s article, “4 Creepy Psychological Tricks Companies Use to Get You to Buy Things”. What has always stood out to me as a Marketer is the important role that human psychology plays in the consumer decision process.  You may have the best, cheapest, most complete product that everyone needs, but if you… Read More Psychological Tricks That Help Marketers

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Direct Mail vs Digital Ads

A Scientific Study Today’s world is becoming more and more digital. The change is not just in how information is accessed, but also in how it is presented. As marketing transitions from physical to digital, is it getting better? Are the digital ads replacing physical ads as the most effective strategy? DM News’ article, Direct mail Has a Greater Effect on Purchase Than Digital Ads by Al… Read More Direct Mail vs Digital Ads