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What is Data-Driven Marketing?

TV shows like AMC’s wildly popular “Mad Men” lead people to believe that marketing and advertising are successful due to insanely intelligent and often inspired creative geniuses like Don Draper. If your company doesn’t have a Don Draper leading your creative charge, don’t worry. The saying still holds true, you can’t always believe everything you… Read More What is Data-Driven Marketing?

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Don’t Be an Email Marketing Rookie

Why do companies engage in email marketing? Easy. Email marketing is the digital marketing channel with the highest ROI, and it’s not close. While email marketing does work, you still need to know what you are doing to be successful. In their article “ 17 Reason You’re an Email Marketing Rookie,” SparkPost covers 17 misunderstandings and myths… Read More Don’t Be an Email Marketing Rookie

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Targeting Business Professionals in Your Niche

Stop wasting time and money targeting businesses that won’t respond to your product or services! It’s time to get noticed by the business professionals in your niche. Target individuals within the following types of companies: Franchises – 1,782,389 available Fortune 1000 – 468,743 available Female Owned – 925,310 available Minority Owned – 386,433 available Non-Profit… Read More Targeting Business Professionals in Your Niche