The Data

Internet Retailers


Individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit utilize Doba for their company's drop ship needs. They are given a website where they can list their inventory and pay wholesale prices for over 1,500,000 products. Doba has exclusive relationships with over 200 wholesale manufacturers. These manufacturers drop ship their products directly to the customers. Doba entrepreneurs make money by selling products through online auctions and retail sites. Through their membership, they are given seller

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E Retailers

These Internet business owners have purchased a merchant account to accept credit cards for their website. These entrepreneurs utilize cutting edge technology for their business and personal lives. They are active direct mail responders specifically geared to small office-home office. These individuals are active software buyers for use in their businesses.

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MegaStars in Internet Marketing

World-renowned internet marketing gurus have mentored the individuals on the Mega Stars in Internet Marketing Masterfile. These internet marketers are creating multiple streams of wealth online. They have also helped a countless number of everyday people to achieve wealth. They have the tools they need from personal coaching, books, audio sets, software and they are frequent seminar attendees.

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Personal Investment Responders

These individuals have requested and received help in preparing and carrying out their own personal investment plan. These money savvy investors are serious about creating and utilizing an investment strategy to achieve their financial and retirement goals.

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Small Business Seminar Attendees

Target a fresh source of entrepreneurs that are actively pursuing business opportunities. These entrepreneurs have registered for, and/or attended, a 3-hour home based business workshop. These attendees have a sincere desire to work for themselves. They have responded to a direct mail offer inviting them to attend this free seminar. These seminars are held in major cities throughout the United States and allow these individuals a chance to earn extra income by purchasing a complete "How-To"

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The Business Opportunity Formula

The Business Opportunity Wealth Formula is a file that contains multiple sourced areas that an individual can utilize to increase their income. These offers range from web site creation, to selling items through online auctions, to learning about purchasing distressed real estate. These opportunity areas have led to an inquiry about the programs available and a resulting purchase. They have purchased instructional books and CD as well as the software necessary to build their web site. These indi

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