The Data

Craft and Scrapbook

Quilting and Needlework Enthusiasts

Avid Quilters and Needleworkers who have visited websites to get project ideas, learn about new techniques and new products and to gain more knowledge about their craft.

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Right1Data Craft Masterfile

The Right1Data Craft Masterfile includes product buyers and information gatherers who have visited various websites to get information on their crafting hobbies. These avid sewers, quilters, scrapbookers, general crafters and needleworkers are always on the lookout for new products and information.

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Scrapbook Trends Magazine Email Newsletter

This list is composed of scrapbook enthusiasts hungry for new ideas. It is an excellent source for people who are actively photo journaling to preserve their life's memories. The monthly newsletter gives ideas for composing page layouts for their personal scrapbooks.

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Sew for Fun

These sewers have visited websites to purchase patterns, learn more information about different sewing techniques, new products and technology and to find new project ideas.

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Sewing Quilting & Needlework Masterfile

These individuals enjoy sewing, quilting and needlework. They are interested in and purchase tools and supplies related to these hobbies. They also attend shows and events related to their interests.

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