The Data

Health and Wellness

Good Health, Diet & Fitness Enthusiasts

These health, diet and fitness enthusiasts have visited several websites to gather information to help them lose weight, exercise properly and improve their overall health. They actively seek products to help them accomplish their health goals.

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Jetco TV Products Buyer Masterfile

The Jetco TV Products Buyer Masterfile is made up of DRTV sold health business opportunity and financial/investment product buyers. These consumers have responded to a DRTV 30 second, 1 minute or 2-minute spot and/or a 30-minute infomercial on one or more of the many major network and cable channels that Jetco products appear on. This audience has either bought health or beauty products to assist in the many conditions associated with aging and/or weight gain, business opportunity programs to al

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Medical Doctors and Dentists

This file contains doctors and specialty dentists nationwide. They are selectable by their specialty. Also available are email address and phone number.

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Pharmaceutical Opt-In Email Addresses

These individuals work in the pharmaceutical industry. Their job titles range from Senior Vice-President and Vice-President, to Director and Manager. These upper management individual's job functions include clinical development and research, discovery research, government affairs, human resources, IT functions, marketing, medical affairs, sales and statistical analysis.

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