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Investors: Stock and Real Estate

26 Red Real Estate Online

This file consists of entrepreneurs and opportunists who have responded to a Real Estate Investing Success Kit offer. The buyers have purchased digital media based products, including CD's, data, audio and video tutorials. The buyers also purchase access and memberships to information based websites regarding their topic of interest.

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26 Red Stock Market Online

This file consists of entrepreneurs and opportunists who have responded to an Online Stock Trading Success Kit offer. The buyers have purchased digital media based products, including CD's, data, audio and video tutorials. The buyers also purchase access and memberships to information based websites regarding their topic of interest

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ANS Real Estate Seminar Attendees

This file is comprised of individuals who have attended several different seminars, including how to make money from real estate investing. These attendees are highly motivated business opportunity seekers with above average income. They keep up to date on new avenues to improve their finances and increase their wealth.

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Bob the Money Maker

At the main focus is providing quality education to traders to enable them to trade more successfully. They provide videos of charts with audio explanation, pictures, charts and text information. Also these traders in training are provided with links to the most popular and useful sites that those who are more experienced traders frequent. There are several experts on the Bob the Money Maker site to answer questions and give guidance.

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Business Mentors

This file is packed with students from top business gurus. These entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses and creating their own wealth. They have the tools they need from personal coaching, books, audio sets, software and they are frequent seminar attendees.

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Expert Tips for Stock Traders

These investors and traders are members of websites with stock tips and stock trading information. Topics include: penny stocks, educational trading software, options trading, futures trading, newsletters and trading books.

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Get Motivated Seminars

Attendees to the Get Motivated Seminars. These seminars featured high-profile speakers that includedUS Presidents, business magnates, professional athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and Olympians.These action-packed seminars focused on self-improvement, personal development, continuingeducation, entrepreneurial training, and leadership and management skills training. This training offeredsomething for everyone, and were well attended by professionals in a large variety of industries. Thesemi

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Insider Showcase Publications Real Estate Agents

These real estate agents subscribe to the Real Estate Edition of the Insider Showcase online newsletter. Each newsletter contains information about products and services that realtors can use to help attract new business and sell homes. These products and service include home warranties, memberships to home exchange, house sitting websites, opportunities to create websites for individual properties and much more.

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Invest in Real Estate Seminar Attendees

These investors have attended a 90 minute seminar for real estate investing and educational training workshops. These workshops teach entrepreneurs the tricks to making money in real estate and the keys to be successful.

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Invest in Stocks Seminar Attendees

These investors have attended a 90 minute seminar for investing and trading stocks. These workshops provide entrepreneurs the information needed to be successful stock investors.

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Investment Property Owners

These individuals own multiple housing investment properties. They respond well to offers and tips for maintaining their properties and are actively pursuing additional investment opportunities. The number of properties owned is selectable on the file.

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Known Real Estate Investors

The real estate investors have purchased real estate properties as verified by county records. These properties are investment only and include Single Family Dwellings, Condos and Duplexes. These investors actively seek information on real estate investments and making the most from their investment properties.

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MegaStars in Real Estate

The MegaStars in Real Estate file contains real estate investors who have learned the trade as students of world-renowned real estate gurus. The real estate investors look for resources about property investment from books, audio sets, software and they attend comprehensive seminars.

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MegaStars in Stocks

World-renowned stock investing gurus have taught the stock investors on this file all they need to know about the stock investing. These investors are given the information and resources to trade like the professionals.

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Motivated Stock & Bond Investors

These stock and bond investors actively respond to and purchase products and tools to guide them in making the best decisions for investing their money.

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Personal Investment Responders

These individuals have requested and received help in preparing and carrying out their own personal investment plan. These money savvy investors are serious about creating and utilizing an investment strategy to achieve their financial and retirement goals.

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Premier Live Events by Zurixx

These seminar attendees have registered for and participated in a financial seminar. Premier Mentoring seminars are live events featuring gurus from many fields including, real estate investing, financial planning, business and entrepreneurial start-ups and investing.

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Real Estate Opportunity Buyers & Responders

The business opportunists on this file have responded to an invitation to teach them to make money buying and selling real estate, opening internet store fronts, using internet auctions to make money, and setting up vending revenue.

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Real Estate Opportunity Seekers

These opportunity seekers are interested in making money through real estate ventures. They have visited several websites to gather information on buying foreclosed property, avoiding real estate scams, and buying property with no money down. Some of these entrepreneurs have attended workshops in their area to learn more.

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Success Resources USA - Lead & Succeed

The Lead & Succeed Seminar is the World's #1 Business Seminar. This event will give you innovative strategies to sharpen your business skills, increase your motivation, make you more effective and supercharge your income! Millions of people around the world have attended our events with one good reason: there is nothing like it anywhere! Our legendary speakers appear LIVE and IN PERSON to provide you with proven methods, formulas, strategies and keys to skyrocket you to new levels of success

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Teach Me to Invest in Real Estate

The investors on this file are actively pursuing income from real estate. They have responded to an invitation to learn how to buy and sell real estate for a profit. These entrepreneurs have attended a workshop to gain more information.

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Ultimate Real Estate Investors

These real estate investors actively respond to and purchase products and tools to guide them in buying, renovating and selling real estate to make a profit. These entrepreneurs utilize cutting edge technology for their businesses and personal lives. They are active direct mail responders specifically geared to small office-home office. These individuals are not afraid to invest in products and services that will help them make their business successful.

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Wake Up Now

The hot trendy MLM company for young people looking to make money through many social avenues. The digital offerings from WakeUpNow include WUN Finance (a personal financial management app), WUN Speak (language learning software), WUN Local (providing discounts at local business), WUN Protect (providing online identity theft protection and computer security services), WUN Vacation Club (providing wholesale pricing on hotels, timeshares, and cruises), and more. These products deliver custome

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