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26 Red Business Opportunity - Money Makers Online

These entrepreneurs and opportunists who have responded to an offer for an internet auction information kit. The buyers have purchased digital media based products, including audio and video tutorials. They also can subscribe to continuing education and information to help their business be successful.

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Auction Entrepreneurs

Auction Entrepreneurs are those who have visited a website for information about obtaining wholesale products for online auctions. This website supplies customers with the tools, training and wholesale product inventory needed to make money using all online auction formats. These entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to make money from home in their spare time. Members of the website start with a 14 day trial member and are provided with a starter kit which includes a Quick Start Guide

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Avid Online Auction Money Makers

The avid auctioneers make money selling items through auction websites. They have requested an auction kit to help them succeed in making money through this venture. They gain access to a member's only website where they find more tools to help them succeed.

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Ebay is My Biz

More money is what the entrepreneurs are looking for. They are using eBay to help them accomplish their financial goals. They have invested in information that will aid them to make a profit selling items via internet auctions.

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Ebay Tips for Dummies Online Buyers

The entrepreneurs represented on this file are buyers of an instructional program aimed to educate them about selling products on online auctions. The program provides sources for purchasing products at wholesale prices, and then gives instruction and techniques to maximize profits by selling these brand name products online.

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Storesonline Business Opportunity - Money Makers Online

Storesonline Business Opportunity/Money Makers Online buyers have requested an online auction success kit. The kit includes a membership to an informative website. They also receive CD's, data, audio and video tutorials to help with their interest.

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