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Are you missing out on direct marketing's best-kept secret?

"Direct mail--it's a hidden gem. Everybody thinks it's old school; nobody focuses on it anymore, which provides more opportunity for those of us who do."
    --Jim Carlson Zurixx | Inc. 500 rank 43 | Three-year growth
       5,626.1% | 2015 revenue $130.1 million

American Name Services has been in the direct mail business for more than 20 years and we can testify that direct mail is not dead. Although we have evolved and added digital marketing to our tool belt, we still frequently recommend that digital marketing be used as a supplement to direct mail. Why? Because our clients still see incredible results from investing in direct mail.

What do you need for a successful direct mail campaign?

   • Target audience

   • Mail piece

   • Marketing list

   • Print and mail plan

We can help you with your campaign from start to finish, consider us a one stop shop! Are you ready to see how direct mail marketing can take your company to the next level?




American Name Services has assisted thousands of businesses worldwide. As the data intelligence behind marketing strategies and utilizing the world's vast databases combined with state-of-the-art technology, ANS provides unparalleled experience and customized partner relationships, helping clients realize the benefits of today's marketing strategies.

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