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You’re in the business of selling. We’re in the business of knowing whom you’re selling to. Our mailing lists are comprised of the most accurate data on the market. What does that mean for you? Whether you use direct mail, email, phone or the internet to run your campaign—we have the data you’re looking for. You need doctors in zip code 90210? We have those. How about real estate agents within Scottsdale, Arizona? Allow us to introduce them to you. No matter your idea, or who your target market is, ANS can help.


We understand that low prices are really not a bargain when quality suffers. We are constantly updating our lists so you get the highest response and deliverability rates possible. At ANS, we provide superior data and give outstanding service, but still keep our prices competitive.

Look at it this way: We can provide you with access to over 200 million households across the country and 14 million business addresses. We can get even more specific and provide you with every golfer in the tri-state area who’s between the ages of 20-30 years old, owns their own home, has kids, and makes more than $75K a year. (I think you get the picture). Contact our sales department today, and let us help you generate higher profits from your next direct marketing campaign. Our fresh ideas will keep your efforts focused on data-driven marketing, which will improve your bottom line and maximize your ROI.

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