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Keep Moving Forward

Today in Utah many are celebrating the state holiday of Pioneer Day. This holiday celebrates the legacy of the early pioneers that trekked to Utah from the east to establish this community. For those without strong ties to pioneer heritage or the predominant religion associated with the settlers of the state of Utah, we often… Read More Keep Moving Forward

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Artifacts of Culture

Over the last several years we’ve seen the proliferation of the idea of “culture” within a business. As a part of this, companies have focused on creating a culture that is desirable to attract and retain talent. Have you ever wondered if the culture portrayed through social media and other channels reflects reality? Is the… Read More Artifacts of Culture

Corporate Culture, Personal Development

Growing Pains – A Lesson in Leadership to Empower Others

A personal story about how a leader can empower others. Early in my days with American Name Services, I wore many hats and mostly focused my attention on preparing for upcoming trade shows, helping to promote our managed properties and assisting in client services when needed.  When the account rep for our largest client planned… Read More Growing Pains – A Lesson in Leadership to Empower Others