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Data Design

  When you hear the word “data”, analytics, insights, or numbers may come to mind. My mind goes to target audiences, direction, and design. We all joke that my job at ANS is to “make things look pretty.” Making something pretty is only half the goal though. It doesn’t matter how pretty a show poster,… Read More Data Design

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Adobe MAX 2017

Adobe MAX Overview Adobe MAX is The Creativity Conference. If you work in marketing, web design, graphic design, or another creative field, you may have heard of Adobe MAX. During its annual gathering, Adobe gathers the best creative minds, talents, and companies together to push the boundaries of creativity. During the conference, attendees experience a… Read More Adobe MAX 2017

Creative, Direct Mail

The Innovative Mail Piece: Message In A Bottle

Want to really stand out in crowded mailboxes around the globe? Here are some things to consider if you want to stand out and be considered innovative in your mail piece production. Haven’t read Part 1? It’s the basics, content, and design, about making a direct mail piece. Heighten Anticipation & Extend the Connection Make… Read More The Innovative Mail Piece: Message In A Bottle

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Silent Shorts: Thoughts on Social Media Video

As my mind wandered during a social video presentation*, it made an interesting connection. Film originated as moving images without color or sound in the 1890s. Approximately 120 years later we’ve come full circle, as the best social videos are soundless shorts. So much has changed, as technology goes. Most individuals in the world have… Read More Silent Shorts: Thoughts on Social Media Video