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The Problem With Data

Data has quickly become one of the biggest buzzwords in business. While most (probably all) of us still engage in intuition-based decision making from time to time, the digital age has ushered in an intense focus on data-driven decision-making. There is more data generated now than ever before, more tracking mechanisms for commerce and e-commerce… Read More The Problem With Data

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Email Hygiene – Best Practices for Deliverability

Keeping your customer email data clean and up-to-date can seem like a daunting task.  However, it has never been more critical for email deliverability.  Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do their best to protect clients from unwanted emails and spam.  These ISPs determine whether your email ever makes it to the intended inbox.  Email hygiene is… Read More Email Hygiene – Best Practices for Deliverability

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Big Data has Big Value

Big Data and Business I recently came across Wall Street Journal’s article, “The Big Mystery: What’s Big Data Really Worth?” and it got me thinking about the value of data. The topic brought up some interesting points of discussion including: obtaining revenue from your data, using it to acquire new customers, altering product lines to… Read More Big Data has Big Value

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Data Hygiene Essentials

Data can be one of your greatest assets in growing and maintaining your business.  It can help you bring in new leads as well as follow up with existing customers.  Sales volume can increase while existing customers can be happy about special offers that have been given to them by mail or email.  With all… Read More Data Hygiene Essentials