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Data Sources

Our clients often ask the question, where does your data come from? In fact, at the various trade shows I’ve participated in on behalf of ANS, this is usually the first question I get as someone seeks to understand our business and what we do. So what does ANS do? ANS is a provider of… Read More Data Sources

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3 Data Cleansing Services You Can’t Afford To Forget

Data can be one of your greatest tools in growing and maintaining your business. Preserving your data’s integrity through data scrubbing is key when it comes to advertising and marketing through direct mail. When you regularly clean and update your file, you are able to use your data to support your marketing, sales, and business… Read More 3 Data Cleansing Services You Can’t Afford To Forget

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The Problem With Data

Data has quickly become one of the biggest buzzwords in business. While most (probably all) of us still engage in intuition-based decision making from time to time, the digital age has ushered in an intense focus on data-driven decision-making. There is more data generated now than ever before, more tracking mechanisms for commerce and e-commerce… Read More The Problem With Data

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Partner with ANS

The business struggle Several years ago, I tried my hand at entrepreneurship. Having worked in a consultant capacity at a previous job, I sought to continue as an independent consultant for manufacturing companies. As I went through the process of setting up my business, creating collateral, training materials, presentations, and more, I ran into a… Read More Partner with ANS

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ANS Customer Profile Report – An Inside Look

Recently we brought on a new list management client. Their customer file consists of buyers and members of the websites, and A snapshot of the ANS Customer Profile Report we produced for our new management client shows that while the home value for their customers pretty closely follows the average, the age of their… Read More ANS Customer Profile Report – An Inside Look

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No Event Attendees? Try Our Event Marketing Timeline

When it comes to hosting an event, it often seems no matter how good the idea, product, program, or training, it’s a challenge to translate the aspiration of a full house of enthused listeners to even a few attendees. However, with the right marketing, an event can be a success. ANS specializes in helping seminar… Read More No Event Attendees? Try Our Event Marketing Timeline