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The business struggle

Several years ago, I tried my hand at entrepreneurship. Having worked in a consultant capacity at a previous job, I sought to continue as an independent consultant for manufacturing companies. As I went through the process of setting up my business, creating collateral, training materials, presentations, and more, I ran into a huge problem. I couldn’t find clients. You see, in the previous role I had the task of consulting and training companies that were all owned by the same parent company. I didn’t have to find clients; they were provided for me. Now that I was on my own, however, I was not as lucky.

I started by going through my business contacts and was able to find one client willing to meet with me. I spent weeks traveling over an hour each day to review their processes, train on effective technique and help them improve. After a few weeks, I was offered a full-time position as an in-house consultant, but that wasn’t what I wanted. Ultimately that company hired someone, and I was again left without any clients. I had helped companies save millions of dollars, reduce delivery times by weeks or even months, and had helped others improve productivity 10x over. I knew my skill set in manufacturing consulting was solid, but for some reason, reaching clients was too much. My venture folded. I was a failure.

What I learned

Now don’t worry too much about me. I started another business doing what I love, went back to school, earned a marketing degree, and now work for ANS, a place that feels like home. I did fail, but I’ve learned as a result. Now that I’m in marketing, I understand the struggle to find clients even more.  I have advice for those that are looking to start their own business: ANS List Services.

ANS has hundreds of targeted lists that can be segmented precisely how you need. With over 20 years of direct marketing experience, ANS can help you market your product or service to the right people so you can maximize your ROI from marketing dollars. Instead of struggling to find potential clients as I did, you can partner with ANS to identify the right consumers or businesses that will accelerate growth and deliver results. With help from ANS, your company will find the clients that need what you are selling. Contact Patricia at today for help acquiring the right list for you.

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