California Consumer Privacy Act

Are you familiar with the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? If you deal with consumer data for customers living in California, you need to familiarize yourself with this Act now. The purpose of the CCPA is to provide California residents with the following rights: The right to know what personal data is being collected… Read More California Consumer Privacy Act

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Mailpiece Design Best Practices

The Importance of Proper Mailpiece Design Direct mail continues to be an effective marketing channel capable of reaching and converting new customers around the world. This multi-faceted marketing tool requires several mailpiece design elements to be successful. A valuable product or service A quality mailing list targeted to your product or service Mailpiece design that… Read More Mailpiece Design Best Practices

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Mailpiece Specifications

As you begin to plan and design a direct mail campaign, there are some essential guidelines to understand and follow to ensure deliverability and cost-effectiveness. If followed, you can ensure your mailpiece will be deliverable and that you will get the best rate at the post office. First, we’ll cover today include the difference between… Read More Mailpiece Specifications

Data Driven Marketing

Stop. Marketing. Blind.

We live in the age of data and analytics. The information available today far surpasses that of ten years ago, or even ten months ago. Consumers are continually creating data as they surf the web, view or download content, and make purchases. Unfortunately, many businesses are only able to collect a few small pieces of… Read More Stop. Marketing. Blind.

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Data Sources

Our clients often ask the question, where does your data come from? In fact, at the various trade shows I’ve participated in on behalf of ANS, this is usually the first question I get as someone seeks to understand our business and what we do. So what does ANS do? ANS is a provider of… Read More Data Sources

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Is direct mail the right marketing channel for your product or service?

Direct mail is an oft-neglected marketing channel that continues to provide excellent results for some of the world’s most prominent organizations. Like all marketing channels, direct mail comes with its unique pros and cons making it an excellent choice for some products and services while being an unviable option for others. One thing that seems… Read More Is direct mail the right marketing channel for your product or service?

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Partner with ANS

The business struggle Several years ago, I tried my hand at entrepreneurship. Having worked in a consultant capacity at a previous job, I sought to continue as an independent consultant for manufacturing companies. As I went through the process of setting up my business, creating collateral, training materials, presentations, and more, I ran into a… Read More Partner with ANS

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How can I monetize my data?

You’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and expense gathering data about your customers and building a solid customer list. You know their buying habits and history, what marketing channels they’ve responded to, and the offers they tend to act on best. This information has likely helped you in marketing to your current customer base… Read More How can I monetize my data?