Data Driven Marketing

Stop. Marketing. Blind.

We live in the age of data and analytics. The information available today far surpasses that of ten years ago, or even ten months ago. Consumers are continually creating data as they surf the web, view or download content, and make purchases. Unfortunately, many businesses are only able to collect a few small pieces of the overall puzzle of who their customer is, what their needs are, and what behaviors they exhibit. With only a few small pieces, marketing decisions become based on assumptions and “educated” guesses. At ANS, we call this approach “marketing blind,” but it doesn’t have to be this way. ANS is here to help you.

The Right Tools For The Right Job

No one catches a bear with a fishing pole and hook. No one catches a fish with a bear trap. Obviously, if you were seeking to capture one or the other, you would first acquire the appropriate tools and resources. But what if you didn’t know what you were hunting? What if you were told to go into mountains and capture the one creature that would help you survive, but you weren’t told what it was or how it behaves? If you don’t know what you are after, it makes it harder to know what methods to use to acquire your target. The same holds for marketing.

If you don’t understand where your customers live, their consumer behaviors, their hobbies and interests, etc., how will you identify the right marketing tools to reach them? When we don’t have all the puzzle pieces, we end up marketing blind, which involves throwing anything and everything at the wall, hoping something will stick. This approach uses precious marketing resources inefficiently and leads to poor ROI and results. Instead, it’s advantageous first to understand the clear picture of who you need to target to craft a targeted campaign that will yield better results. How is this accomplished?

The ANS Customer Profile Report

The ANS Customer Profile Report is created based on your customer database. In simple terms, we take the puzzle pieces you already have and then bring you the matching pieces to complete the puzzle. The pieces we can provide include hobbies and interests, income range, age, home value, and more. Take a look at what a sample report looks like:

As you can see, this is a much clearer picture of who your customer is than just their name, email address, and what they bought from your business. This encompasses more about who they are all-around while highlighting the fundamental commonalities that exist among your customer base. Get a more in-depth and inside look at these reports here.

Step out of the dark and open your eyes to the full picture of who your customer is. With an ANS Customer Profile Report, you’ll have all the pieces of your marketing puzzle. Get one today.

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