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As an entrepreneur who owns and manages multiple businesses, life can be stressful, chaotic, and always busy.  I constantly find myself analyzing data to understand what’s happened in my companies while planning for the future. This constant state of focusing on what has happened to understand where we must go is a trap that catches… Read More mind·ful·ness

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Keep Moving Forward

Today in Utah many are celebrating the state holiday of Pioneer Day. This holiday celebrates the legacy of the early pioneers that trekked to Utah from the east to establish this community. For those without strong ties to pioneer heritage or the predominant religion associated with the settlers of the state of Utah, we often… Read More Keep Moving Forward

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Adapt to Survive and Grow

In today’s world, some organizations have become so integrated into society; I don’t know what we would do without them. For example, do you shop for everyday items on Amazon? Do you use a google account to share files, access email, watch videos, or sign-in to other services? Do you track your fitness on an… Read More Adapt to Survive and Grow

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Do one thing.

Recently I viewed a TED Talk discussing the reasons why female entrepreneurs tend to receive less funding than their male counterparts. As a female entrepreneur, I connected with the ideas outlined and saw great hope for women moving forward if they can learn to speak in terms of gain instead of losses by using promotion… Read More Do one thing.

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The Problem With Data

Data has quickly become one of the biggest buzzwords in business. While most (probably all) of us still engage in intuition-based decision making from time to time, the digital age has ushered in an intense focus on data-driven decision-making. There is more data generated now than ever before, more tracking mechanisms for commerce and e-commerce… Read More The Problem With Data

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Artifacts of Culture

Over the last several years we’ve seen the proliferation of the idea of “culture” within a business. As a part of this, companies have focused on creating a culture that is desirable to attract and retain talent. Have you ever wondered if the culture portrayed through social media and other channels reflects reality? Is the… Read More Artifacts of Culture