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As an entrepreneur who owns and manages multiple businesses, life can be stressful, chaotic, and always busy.  I constantly find myself analyzing data to understand what’s happened in my companies while planning for the future. This constant state of focusing on what has happened to understand where we must go is a trap that catches many entrepreneurs. This trap is such that it leads to neglect of the present moment in favor of focusing on what may come. While keeping the future in mind is important for entrepreneurs, maintaining one’s awareness of the present moment through the practice of mindfulness is vital for their sanity.

To achieve mindfulness, there are various actions you may take. I found seven from inspiry.com that are a great place to start:

1. Make Time

Set aside a small block of time every day that you can commit to. It is ideal if this time is the same every day, but not imperative. If you have children, it might be best to try to accomplish this in the morning or early afternoon, while they’re at school.

2. Find Your Place

Make sure you have access to a quiet space. Close the door and put your phone on silent, or better yet, turn it off completely.

3. Get comfortable!

Sit on a chair or couch, with your back straight and feet on the floor. Let your hands sit comfortably in your lap.

4. Breathe

Take a few slow, deep breaths, about five or so. On your last breath, close your eyes.

5. Take in the present moment

Focus on what your body feels like, how the room smells, and whether you can feel any stress in your body. Allow your thoughts to drift through your mind, but try to remain a passive observer, rather than worrying about their possible implications.

6. Relax

Remaining in this position for ten minutes may be difficult; intrusive thoughts may present themselves the moment you feel as though you’ve managed to clear your mind. Don’t get discouraged! Remember that there is no “goal” in this sort of activity, learn to be comfortable with yourself in the present moment.

7. When you’ve finished, make a plan and take action on it!

It can be difficult to transition from this peaceful, calm state to the bustle of your everyday life, so make a small goal, even if it’s as simple as, “When I get up I’ll make a pot of coffee.” Reflect throughout your day on the sensation of being fully present. (source: https://inspiyr.com/how-to-achieve-mindfulness/)

If you follow these steps and make time for mindfulness daily, you will find your energy and focus reinvigorated as you tackle the difficult challenges of business and entrepreneurship. Remember to stay present as you are forced to analyze the past to plan for the future.

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