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How can I monetize my data?

You’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and expense gathering data about your customers and building a solid customer list. You know their buying habits and history, what marketing channels they’ve responded to, and the offers they tend to act on best. This information has likely helped you in marketing to your current customer base leading to increased sales and revenue.

If this sounds like your business, well done. You are using data effectively to understand your customers and help them solve their problems. But did you know there is more value to your data that just solid decision-making? Did you know you can monetize your data with help from ANS? Let’s talk about List Management Services.

ANS List Management Services

ANS is a company that provides data (records about consumers and businesses that allows our customers to find and contact new potential clients). Some of the data we provide comes from databases that are compiled from dozens of sources and stored onsite. The data in these databases are valuable in that they often contain lots of information about various demographics, psychographics, and firmographics of the individuals and business included. They are limited, however, in understanding buying habits and what marketing channels and offers consumers respond to best.

Compiled databases, however, are not the only type of data ANS houses. Through our List Management Services, ANS can manage a client’s customer file and market it to other companies. Through our network of list professionals, ANS can find a non-competing business that has a valid use for your data. ANS rents managed files to these non-competing businesses, then pays a fee to you as the list owner.

Why would another business want to use my data?

Data has a lot of value, even across different industries. For example, a business that offers investment seminars might build a list of people that responded to a direct mail campaign about investing. This data would be precious to a company that markets via direct mail and sells real estate financing programs. Using managed data, our customers see increase response rates and revenue generated for their marketing campaigns.

Some businesses, however, prefer to guard their data instead of monetizing it fearing that renting their lists out will hurt their internal marketing efforts. We understand this concern and deal with it with many clients. Rest assured, we have your best interests at heart. When you partner with ANS, you have full control of who can rent your data and who cannot. Our list experts can also consult you on the best way to monetize your data while protecting your future customer marketing efforts.  We also plant “decoy” names within the data to monitor its use.

What if I don’t have a lot of demographic info in my data?

With only basic demographics in your customer database, ANS can use it’s extensive compiled databased to append valuable demographics and add value to your data (read about Data Append here). By partnering with ANS to monetize your data, you will maximize revenue from your data collection efforts.

How do I get paid?

The list management process is simple. First, ANS will take your database and run an analysis on it. We run basic data hygiene and standardize that data for rental. We will look for commonalities, trends, and valuable insights about your data. Next, we will discuss pricing and marketing efforts with you and build a datacard that details information about your file. From this point, ANS will actively market your data via email, social media, content marketing, and other efforts. When a client of ANS rents your list, you get a check. It’s that easy.

For more information on monetizing your data, contact us at or call (801) 235-8061.

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