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List Management FAQs

If you have a list of customers, subscribers, or prospects, we can turn it into a substantial source of income through rentals to brokers and major mailers. With our list management team marketing your customer mailing list, we can help generate new revenue streams for you. You simply allow us access to your list and we take… Read More List Management FAQs

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Is direct mail the right marketing channel for your product or service?

Direct mail is an oft-neglected marketing channel that continues to provide excellent results for some of the world’s most prominent organizations. Like all marketing channels, direct mail comes with its unique pros and cons making it an excellent choice for some products and services while being an unviable option for others. One thing that seems… Read More Is direct mail the right marketing channel for your product or service?

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How can I monetize my data?

You’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and expense gathering data about your customers and building a solid customer list. You know their buying habits and history, what marketing channels they’ve responded to, and the offers they tend to act on best. This information has likely helped you in marketing to your current customer base… Read More How can I monetize my data?

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List Spotlight: Home School Files

Reach Responsive Home Schoolers These empowered caregivers seek for supplemental educational materials and are mail order buyers of educational materials. They respond well to offers relating to: Education: geography, phonics, art, math, space, science, history, etc. Parenting Home & family Games Christian families While these are some of the more popular interests, other options are… Read More List Spotlight: Home School Files

ANS Updates

Craft, Sew, & Quilt Files

Looking for highly responsive crafters, quilters & sewers for your next direct mail campaign? Be sure to check out ANS’ line-up of proven responders. Place a test order of 5,000 records or more and we’ll send you a Starbucks gift card! View craft, quilt & sewing list options Data Card Ready to get started? Contact… Read More Craft, Sew, & Quilt Files

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Email Marketing Best Practices

American Name Services is committed to the highest standards of email marketing best practices and overall effective ROI. Our clients trust us to provide them with superior service, results, brand name development, and the highest ROI. Because the world of email marketing is fast-paced and constantly changing, we want our clients are kept up-to-date on… Read More Email Marketing Best Practices