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How to Get the Most Out of Your Customer Database

We often work with clients whose business is still in the infancy stage. Some have sold their product only to their first group of customers or had a small group of attendees at an initial few events. In spite of being in the beginning stages, these clients still have a powerful tool at their disposal. A company’s customer database, whether great or small, is a tool for future success—they simply need some help to use it.

That’s where ANS comes in. For over twenty years, we’ve helped businesses transform their customer database into an expansive tool for their next marketing campaign. Here are three ways ANS uses our data services to help our clients the most out of their customer databases.

Customer Profiling

Many of our clients have only an obscure idea of who their customers are. Sometimes, these ideas can be off-the-mark and result in a poorly targeted marketing campaign. Having a clear picture of your ideal customer is the first step to marketing success. By analyzing our client’s customer database, we are able to identify the above-average commonalities. These commonalities represent the distinguishing characteristics that can be matched to a particular customer behavior set. By the end of this process, our customers know exactly who their perfect customer is.

Gain more of your ideal customers with data modeling

Data Modeling

So, you know who your perfect customer is…what next? After gleaning the information from customer profiling, ANS can perform a process called data modeling to expand the customer file to a robust list of highly targeted leads. Almost like magic, we use the characteristics identified in the customer profile report to create a “model” list of leads that resemble your ideal customer. You’ll see more success with this list of leads because they have similar interests and behaviors to your current customers.

Data Append

Lastly, effective marketing includes a multi-channel approach. But what if you only collected email and phone number from your customers, and you want to send them a discount flyer in the mail? Data append can fill in the gaps. Using identifying information already found in your database, ANS matches the record within our vast database and adds the desired information to your existing record. If you compare your database to a puzzle with missing pieces, data append locates the missings pieces and completes the puzzle.

There’s no need to be searching for your secret weapon as you approach your next marketing campaign. Your current customer database has the information you need, and ANS has the technology and services to make it happen. Success is at your fingertips—reach out here to get started.

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