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Gain Ideal Customers with Data Modeling

Have you ever had the opportunity to work with an ideal client or customer? You know, the one that leaves you thinking, “I wish all of our customers could be like Mrs. Brown.” With data modeling, it is possible to target new customers with the same characteristics as Mrs. Brown.

What is Data Modeling?

Data modeling is a data-driven method for acquiring new leads. At ANS, we begin the process by analyzing the unique characteristics of each individual in your current customer database. Next, we use those characteristics to identify the above-average commonalities among the entirety of your database. After the analysis, we use that data to create a new list of leads that “model” the characteristics of your original customer database. This new list is ready to add data intelligence to future direct marketing campaigns. This process is explained in further detail below.

Customer Profile Report

The first step of data modeling with ANS is to analyze your current customer database. We then match up your customer to our nationwide databases and gather their common characteristics. After analyzing each characteristic, our data processing team identifies the above-average commonalities and generates a report. If you are only interested in learning about your customer’s common traits, you can stop here.  For more information about customer profile reports, or to view a sample report, click here.

Data Modeling

After the customer profile report has been generated, our data processing team performs further analysis to determine which key traits are necessary to include in the model. Next, a new list of leads is generated with the same characteristics as Mrs. Brown and your other amazing customers.

Benefits of Data Modeling

A modeled audience has similar characteristics to your current customers. As a result, your offer is likely to be highly relevant. Relevant messages result in higher response rates and return on investment. Model audiences are data-driven!

Do you have more questions about data modeling, or would you like to request your own data model? Contact an account rep by calling 1-800-434-1851 or emailing

By Lindsey Lefevor, Social Media Manager at American Name Services



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