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Gain Ideal Customers with Data Modeling

When it comes to business, we all have our “favorite” customers. As a retail clerk, your favorite customer might be Susan, the woman who comes in to buy gifts for her friends and family each month. She’s low-maintenance, polite, and always remembers your name.  Maybe you’re the CMO of a large business software company. In this case, perhaps your favorite customer is that new start-up company in a hypergrowth phase. They’re consistently purchasing new licenses and seem to have a great relationship with their client success rep.

Now, imagine if you could clone your favorite customers to create more of the satisfying relationships and steady income you receive from the current ones. While cloning customers isn’t possible (or ethical), there is another way to find more customers like your current ones: data modeling.

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What is Data Modeling?

Data modeling is a data-driven method for acquiring new leads with characteristics similar to your current customers. At ANS, we start by analyzing the unique traits of individuals in your customer database. Next, we use those traits to identify the above-average commonalities within your database. After the analysis, we use that data to create a new list of leads that “model” the characteristics of your original customer database. This new list is ready for targeting prospective customers similar to those you already have.

What Information Do I Receive?

The details given in a data model vary depending on your needs. A basic model might include a contact name, postal address, and email address. More in-depth models might include consumer lifestyle information, job title, or education level. Data modeling can be done for B2C or B2B customer files. An ANS sales representative can help you determine which information would best fulfill your company’s needs.

Benefits of Data Modeling

A modeled audience has similar characteristics to your current customers. As a result, your offer is likely to be highly relevant. Relevant messages result in higher response rates and return on investment. Model audiences are data-driven!

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Do you have more questions about data modeling, or would you like to request your own data model? Email Patricia Thompson at

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  1. Great read! As a marketer, I’m surprised how many of my clients haven’t heard of or considered data modeling in their efforts to attain new leads. Thanks for the information.

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