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Targeting Social Media Deserters With Direct Mail

Social Deserter

I recently did something that would leave most people my age speechless, I deleted all social media apps from my phone. The reason behind my act of madness is simple, it was getting to be too much for me. I found myself spending too much time on social media and got nothing in return. Taking a break from the social media racket is what I needed.

Why Others Are Leaving Too

I am not the only one tired of the constant social media barrage. In fact, waves of people are leaving social media behind. The common reason among these deserters is that social media makes them feel depressed.

How can social media make one depressed? I believe it can happen in a couple of ways. First, we see others posting about how glorious their life is and how successful they have become. Constantly seeing other’s success could lead someone to feel inadequate and unsuccessful, especially when it would appear that those people achieved their success so effortlessly.

Second, social media is flooded with negative rhetoric. It is almost impossible to be positive after spending just a few minutes scrolling through your feed. Others like me feel that eliminating social media clutter from their life will increase their happiness. When we have more time to focus on real conversations and real life scenarios, we can grow in ways we never could whilst glued to a smart phone.

Using Direct Mail 

How do brands engage with those who have stepped away from social media? Isn’t that the only place to reach millennials these days? The answer is much simpler than you might think. Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool that companies still use very effectively. Some wonder if direct mail is sophisticated enough to replace or even supplement social ads, but the truth is direct mail can be just as targeted as social ads. If you get the right data and put together a solid mail piece, you can reach the same target market you would otherwise have reached on social media.

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Direct Mail Marketing FAQs

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By Kreg Romney, Sales at American Name Services


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