Acxiom’s Biggest Revenue Drivers for Data in 2016

As I was perusing LinkedIn the other day, I came across Acxiom’s update for their article, “What will be the biggest revenue drivers for data in 2016?”  Here at American Name Services, our business model revolves around data, so naturally, I was curious.

Jed Mole states in his article, “…nearly every invention, innovation or product these days, creates valuable marketing data that can help connect brands to their customers.” Later, he mentions, “Data is great, but unless it is applied in creative, customer-centric ways, then it will never yield the desired results.”

Mole suggests that in 2015, data got smart.  In 2016, however, he reasons that same data will get connected.  While the application will vary, connected data will help marketers reach their prospects on all channels, including mobile, and through social media. Through the art of “data onboarding”, marketers will be able to connect online and offline data to engage customers and provide them with positive experiences with their brand across all platforms.

At ANS, one of our main objectives is to help our customers understand what information and insights they can gain from their existing customer data.  We often accomplish this through Data Analytics.  By combining externally sourced information and applying unique algorithms, Data can be used to improve marketing strategy.  Having proven these methods over the last 20 years, we know that these insights provide better direction for marketing strategy and thus deliver better results.  Whatever 2016 hold for Data, American Name Services is ready to help you intelligently engage with your current customers, as well as prospective customers.

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