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Email Marketing: Spam Keywords Review

Spam Keywords Review

Spam keywords are a hot topic in the email marketing industry. Lists of which words to use and which to avoid can be found all over the internet, but how do you know a good list when you find it? Tony Williams, a data analyst and email marketing guru with American Name Services, reviewed Automational’s article, 438 Spam Trigger Words to Avoid and Why Context Matters More below.

Something not really noted in the article, but more important than spam keywords, is answering this question: Will your recipient be expecting your email or will they wonder “How did I get on this list”?  If it’s the latter, you may want to consider a different approach.

Back to the 438 Spam Trigger Words article.  There is a detailed guide to make sure you are using best practices for getting your email message to your intended recipients.  Many of the tips are no-brainers: Avoid using too many symbols, avoid weird formatting, etc., but generally some good basic information for groups looking to get started in emailing.

The amount of spam trigger words identified is endless, but the author admits that not all are necessarily going to get you into the spam folder. Much of it has to do with the context with which they are used.  This is also the case when writing subject lines. It’s important that your subject line matches your context and the article contains good tips for writing subject lines.

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