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ANS Trip 2016: Tony in Hawaii

Early in 2016 it was announced that American Name Services would be giving a “bonus” to each member of the ANS team for meeting our 2015 sales goal. The bonus was to be used to fund an ANS trip for each employee and a guest.  Over the next several months, we will give a brief summary of where our employees have ventured.

Tony is part of our data processing and email marketing team. Here’s what he had to say about this trip: For our ANS trip, the wife and I went to Maui for 6 nights/7 days. We decided to stay near Ka’anapali as we were there the previous year with family and wanted to be somewhere familiar.  We had our kids with us on that prior trip and we weren’t able to do all the cool things we wanted, so this trip was all about exploring, adventure, and relaxing.  There was a nice pool on the hotel grounds and Ka’anapali beach just beyond that. The Ka’anapali beach boardwalk was along here so it was great for a morning jog and access to the other hotels and shops along the way.

room-view tshirts

Some highlights of our trip:

-We went to a nice Luau at the neighboring Sheraton Hotel. There was lots of food, drinks, and dancing.

-Hearing children cry and knowing it wasn’t ours.


-We went and saw the Nakalele Blowhole which was super cool. There’s an alternative hike to get there, which we decided to take, that had quite a few great views along the way. The blowhole itself is basically a hole in the ground that connects to an ocean cave. When the ocean rises or waves crash, a jet of water is forced up through the hole.


-We made a trip to the Surfing Goats dairy for a tour and samples. They got their start/name when they noticed how many old littered surf boards were around and offered surfers to trade their old boards for cheese.

-We went on the road to Hana and, using my trusty tour guide book, selected a few falls/hikes at which to stop.  Yes, the road is very narrow in places. Yes, it’s annoyingly slow behind the tour buses, but it wasn’t all that bad.  Our favorite stop was the Pipiwai trail which is above the 7 Sacred Pools and leads you to the biggest falls we saw, Waimoku Falls.  There was so much bamboo and apparently there are wild pigs all around the area and although we didn’t see any, we saw plenty of tracks.  It was a very long day but so pretty.

waimoku-falls 7-sacred-pools

-The sunsets in Maui can be amazing.  Luckily we saw quite a few of them on this trip.  We were right near Black Rock, which is a popular jumping spot.


We also spent a lot of time in Lahaina shopping and eating, went snorkeling, sat by the pool, sat by the beach, and generally just had an amazing time. Thanks so much to the powers that be at ANS for the opportunity!

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