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How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Business

It seems a bit silly to be writing a blog post about how to use LinkedIn for business – LINKEDIN IS BUSINESS. It’s a business, to network with business professionals. The two most important things your company needs to be actively doing on LinkedIn – right here, right now!

Get your employees active on LinkedIn!

  • Each and every single team member in your company must have a LinkedIn profile! Not just a profile, but a completely filled out, bells and whistles, all-star profile.
  • Every team member should be actively posting quality content on LinkedIn. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 minutes or an hour at a time; every day or weekly – just as long as it’s consistent and quality. Your team members can share content as updates, as Pulse blog posts, or directly in groups to create conversation.
  • Whenever your team member makes a new connection, a personal message needs to be sent – including a link to your company page as a signature.

Set up a company page!

  • Think of this as your landing page on LinkedIn – this is where all the traffic will most likely end up after seeing your amazing employees out in the LinkedIn world.
  • Optimize your company page for search – use keywords and focus the first 156 words of your company description.
  • Post quality content from your company page on a regular basis. Focus on industry related articles, blog posts, and infographics that will set you apart as a thought leader and a company that keeps up on industry trends.

Of course, there are other things you can be doing, like paid ads and social selling. However, to start off right and build a strong foundation, put into place a deliberate strategy for your employees to continually improve their profiles, and have time to make new connections and curate quality conversation starting content that will drive potential clients to your absolutely stunning company (landing) page.

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