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ANS Trip 2016: Patti in the Mediterranean

Early in 2016 it was announced that American Name Services would be giving a “bonus” to each member of the ANS team for meeting our 2015 sales goal. The bonus was to be used to fund an ANS trip for each employee and a guest.  Over the next several months, we will give a brief summary of where our employees have ventured.

Patti is American Name Services’ VP of Sales. She and her son, Connor, cruised through the Mediterranean for their ANS trip. Here’s what Patti had to say about it: My son Connor and I flew to Istanbul and spent 24 hours in a country that made history in the short time we were there. The Turkish military was trying to take over the government in what is known as the Turkish Coup attempt of 2016. The airport was closed down by military just a couple of hours after our flight to Athens took off.

We sailed from Athens to a few stops in Italy, with our final hurrah in the “Eternal City” of Rome. The cruise was amazing. The history was incredible, but the best part for me was being able to take my son for his first trip across the pond and experience what Europe has to offer.

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