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10 Reasons You Should Send Direct Mail to Canada

If you’ve ever thought about marketing your business in Canada, there’s never been a better time than now. Many of our clients once shied away from sending direct mail to The Great White North. However, Canada remains a relatively untapped goldmine for U.S. mailers.

Here are ten reasons why you should send promotional direct mail to Canada.

  1. Canada boasts 13 million postal addresses.
  2. 60% of Canadians who receive a catalog in the mail go online to purchase within one week.
  3. There is less competition in the mail and the business sector.
  4. 57% of Canadians say they feel more valued by a company when receiving direct mail.
  5. Direct mail response rates are 30X greater than email.
  6. 70% of Canadian consumers are still curious to find out what’s in their mailbox.
  7. Consumers say they keep and display promotional mail in their home an average of 17 days after it is received.
  8. 32% of consumers have passed a direct mail ad along to someone else – surpassing both email ads (26%) and social media promotions (22%)
  9. The U.S. dollar remains strong in Canada.
  10. Similar to NCOA in the U.S., Canada Post offers a Canadian Change of Address (CCOA) service to update records for individuals and households who have registered a move. So you’ll always be able to reach individuals at their most current address.
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If you want to expand your business by sending direct mail to Canada, partner with ANS. For over 15 years, we’ve been consulting and providing Canadian data to marketers. We help you identify and navigate the challenges of mailing internationally and keep your campaign performing at the highest levels. Not only can you rely on high-quality, relevant data, but the integrity and accuracy of the information are unparalleled.


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