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A Millennial’s Take on Millennials & Direct Mail

What do vinyl records, 35mm film cameras, physical paper books, and direct mail all seem to have in common? If you answered that they are all used by people born before 1980, you are probably right! But, what is most surprising is that these are things that are making a comeback with millennials as well.… Read More A Millennial’s Take on Millennials & Direct Mail

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Ad-Blocking Millennials

Lindsey Lefevor (Account Executive and Social Media Marketer),┬árecommends┬áthis article from DM News. I am an ad-blocking millennial, so this DM News article caught my attention. I can honestly say that the author, Perry Simpson, speaks the truth. Annoying pop-up ads on mobile devices lead to misclicks (and wasted money) and autoplay video ads that slow… Read More Ad-Blocking Millennials