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A Millennial’s Take on Millennials & Direct Mail

What do vinyl records, 35mm film cameras, physical paper books, and direct mail all seem to have in common? If you answered that they are all used by people born before 1980, you are probably right! But, what is most surprising is that these are things that are making a comeback with millennials as well. Take it from me– a millennial myself.


“Why should I care about this?”


Millennials have an incredible amount of buying power. According to the Boston Consulting Group, millennials spend about $1.3 trillion annually. Additionally, by the end of 2018, millennials are projected to have the most spending power of any generation altogether. Smart marketers understand that this group is where they should be focusing a considerable amount of their marketing efforts because the potential return on investment is very high. Smart marketers will also spend time learning more about millennials and their values. When you understand their behaviors and values, you will understand that direct mail remains an effective way to reach them.


Millennials are burnt out by digital exposure.


There is a common misconception that the only way to reach millennials is through digital efforts, like email or social media. In all reality, however, studies have shown that this specific audience experiences digital fatigue. Consider how much time millennials spend perusing Facebook or other social media platforms on any given day. Next, consider how many emails a millennial receives on any given day. Compare that with how often they might receive a physical piece of mail, and it will be no surprise that direct mail is a way to stand out.


Millennials are all about authenticity.


What is the driving factor behind this revival of record players, film cameras, and paper books, especially amongst individuals who were not alive at their conception? It all comes down to one of the most important values to millennials: authenticity. I am drawn to these things because they feel genuine. The crackle of the needle tracing a record as it spins, the grain on the emulsion of a picture I took on film, the smell of a book when I first open it to embark on reading it– these things are all meaningful to me. And I’ll be damned if opening a piece of actual mail does not feel leaps and bound better than a ding in my email inbox.


Taking the time to send out mail goes a long way with millennials.

Millennials actually trust direct mail more than digital ads. The messaging will resound more with them, and their response rate will reflect that. In a world where digital messages clutter their surroundings, standing out with direct mail is a valuable option for your marketing campaign. Taking time to draft, print, and send a direct mail piece to millennials will go a long way. Not sure where to start? Contact us here at ANS and we’d be happy to help plan your campaign!


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