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Social Media Marketing, Building A Cooperative Team

Here at ANS, we have learned that just like in Ann Mills’ article Why Social Media Management Takes a Village, effective social media marketing management takes a well-functioning team working within a well-organized company.

“The process is fluid and complex, and to execute it well, we must PLAN, THINK, COLLABORATE, and MEASURE with rigor and consistency.” –Ann Mills

ANS Social Media Marketing Management

Below we will look at our own social media management through this lens.

PLAN the content…

What are the different facets of your brand? At ANS we focus on data driven marketing with the main buckets of direct mail, email marketing, data, and social media marketing, mixed in with our company culture. With these buckets the type of content we use are inspirational quotes, links to our blog, curated industry articles, industry tips, and photos of our employees.

Ann also discusses the content continuum, or in other words, re-purposing content. Are you producing webinars, long explainer videos, case studies, and white papers? How can you re-purpose these as lightweight content for social media? Set out a strategy where your social content is a simple version of your more intense content. Make your existing content work for you. As you plan for new content allow it to evolve into multiple levels and types of content.

THINK about your target audience…

As our social team has expanded here at ANS, we have developed what we call Platform Gurus. These team members are responsible for understanding the unique attributes of their assigned platform as well as the unique characteristics of the users of each platform.

Our Platform Gurus coach fellow team members on platform best practices, assessing the effectiveness of types of content and the platform itself for our target audience and discovering creative ways to stand out in our industry.

Secondarily, as Ann discusses in her article, establishing the role of paid social is important to deliberately boost posts and strategically run targeted ads. Our Social Media Manager coordinates with our Platform Gurus to be as responsive and predictive as can be with our paid ads.

COLLABORATE to ensure excellence…

Each of our posts go through a multiple person review as well as a succession of creation from scratch and templates, scheduling programs, and reporting. Nothing is posted without a second or third set of eyes, most often being scheduled weeks ahead of time, and with reports generated weekly.

Like Ann, some of our favorite collaboration tools are Canva, Hootsuite, and Google Docs. We also use Outlook Calendars, Buffer, and Adobe Creative Suite.

MEASURE impact and refine the strategy…

“ROI for social media can be viewed against many different metrics – audience reach, website inbound marketing traffic, or as viable lead acquisition source.” –Ann Mills

At ANS we look at engagement metrics on a weekly basis, then assess why certain posts did well on various platforms. We also track which posts and platforms drive views to our website, blog posts, and dedicated landing pages and which turn into leads.

As Ann discusses, analyzing the audience you attract on each platform is integral for knowing which platforms align with your target audience – that is where your focus should be.

To allow this intensive process to run smoothly with none of the details of its complexity overlooked, here at ANS, we definitely rely on our village. Including not only our social media and marketing strategy team, but also the input from our client services, executive and data processing teams for content, consumer insights and social engagement.

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