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The Truth About Direct Mail

Is direct mail still relevant?

I went to college and earned my degree in marketing with an emphasis in digital marketing. My studies included classes like digital marketing, web analytics, digital media, and social media marketing. In fact, the focus was so heavily centered on digital marketing that I never really considered direct mail as something marketers still use. “Snail Mail” (as it is dis-affectionately called) is obviously an outdated, inefficient, and dying breed of marketing, right? Wrong. Chris Hamblin in his article, Not Dead Yet looks at studies completed on the topic.

“Even more compelling results from the study showed that the overall response rate for direct mail was 600% higher than that of all digital channels combined.”

From the research cited in Chris’ article, we learn the truth about direct mail. The truth is that it’s not dead yet. While we can’t say that it will never be dead, boasting a 600% higher response rate than the sum of all digital channels shows us that it is more relevant than ever. Digital channels will continue to grow and improve. Technology is getting better, faster, and smarter. Online ads are now able to target customers based on their online behavior and can even tailor the message to individuals. The best marketing strategy, however,  will always include new and growing trends along with a focus on what is proven to work and be successful.

Chris also discusses other factors and data that clearly shows that direct mail is not dead. Along with the response rate, it also boasts competitive ROI and cost per acquisition compared to digital options. From the data in the study, it is clear that Direct mail should absolutely be a part of your marketing toolkit. In considering your multichannel marketing approach, be sure to consider direct mail with other channels like email and social media.

What about millennials?

You may be thinking that direct mail is only working with Gen Xers or Baby Boomers, but you would be wrong. Conversion rates for Direct Mail campaigns are among the highest for millennials. The truth about Direct Mail is that people (of any generation) are more likely to act on a physical advertisement in their hands. Emails and other mobile advertisements are easily dismissed and are constantly being placed in front of people. As results, we have all developed blinders to them. Direct Mail, on the other hand, is unique and different from what you see on your phone every day. As more business move away from direct mail and more toward digital marketing channels, the opportunities that exist in Direct Mail only grow and strengthen.

Do you need help?

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