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Direct Mail Isn’t Dead: 5 Tips to Make It Work

American Name Services (ANS) got its start by providing companies with leads for direct mail. Over the last 20 years, as technologies have developed and transformed, so has ANS. Our services have grown and adapted to the ever-changing marketing world around us. Despite the years and changes, however, we have found that one direct marketing technique has remained useful, direct mail.

In Oliver Matejka’s article “In Defense of Direct Mail (and 5 ways to make it work for you)”, I found allies for direct mail.

“Physical doesn’t mean obsolete; DM isn’t dead.”

While many companies may label direct marketing as an “old-school technique”, Molly Koernke (head of SMB Marketing at Insight) points out, the problem usually lies with improper tracking, failing to appeal to the target audience’s wants, and using boring strategies on their direct mail piece. Koernke also suggests using personalized landing pages to convert your offline efforts to a measurable online effort.

5 Ways to Make Direct Mail Work for you:

  1. Know who it’s going to
  2. Track the results
  3. Make it easy to respond to
  4. Be interesting
  5. Test it

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