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What Makes ANS Different?

ANS recently had the opportunity to attend the annual Digital Marketing Night at Utah Valley University. At this event, students in the marketing program have an opportunity to talk with local businesses that work in Digital Marketing as well as submit resumes for internships and job openings. While talking with students about who ANS is and what we do, I was asked,” What makes your company different from the company at the table to the left or right of you?” We were sandwiched between two other marketing agencies, and the question made me think a little. How are we different? What is our unique value proposition? Here is what I told the student:


Data makes us different

Data is what sets ANS apart from other marketing companies. While all marketing companies probably use data in various ways, ANS is different. We truly live up to our nickname, the Data Mixologists. Data is literally at the center of all we do. The student was a little confused, so I continued by explaining how ANS partners with its clients.

You don’t hire ANS to run your marketing campaigns. You partner with ANS to strategize the most effective marketing methods. It all starts with a consultation. When you partner with ANS, we first get to know your product, your company, and your goals. Your customer file is one of your most valuable assets, and we know how to maximize the value you get from it. To help you get the most from your file, we use our awesome Marketing Technology to append and model your data. 

Using our vast databases of consumer information, ANS can enhance and add valuable insights to your customer data. Most customer files contain little information about the actual consumer. In fact, most often these files only have a name and either a phone number, address, or email. By partnering with ANS, you will get specific information about various demographics such as income range, age, consumer habits, etc. Instead of guessing who your customer is, ANS will help you identify specific characteristics that are common among your actual buyers. This enhances your company’s ability to target its marketing approach to only those who are most likely to buy.

What you get with ANS

Our next step in the process is to work with our clients to strategize their marketing approach using their data and insights we’ve gathered with our data technology. Based on the company’s product and who their customers are, we can recommend specific marketing channels that will be effective. While social media and PPC campaigns may be the right approach for one customer, direct mail might be the winner for another. We do not believe in a one size fits all marketing approach. Let me repeat. We do not adhere to a one size fits all marketing approach. Instead, we believe in data-driven marketing.

As I finished explaining this to the student, he was impressed and eager to submit his resume for a position with the company. We gladly accepted his resume and continued meeting with students throughout the evening. While ANS may be just one of many marketing agencies in the world, ANS is not like other companies. Our data makes us different, and that’s awesome.

This article was written by David Brian Fiso, Digital Media Manager at American Name Services.

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