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Gain Business Intelligence through Data Visualization – with an ANS Customer Profile Report

Your customer data has a story to tell.  The key to good marketing is to learn those stories, identify pain points, and address specific problems through your marketing content and provide solutions with your products and services. How can you hear your customers’ stories?

Many companies have discovered that to build an effective marketing strategy, they need to create avatars or customer personas to represent their typical customers.  Having accurate data intelligence to create your persona is essential. At ANS, we call this data intelligence a Customer Profile Report, sometimes referred to as a Customer Insights Report. These customer snapshots provide you greater insight into the lives of your customers.

How does ANS create a Customer Profile Report?

Utilizing your customer data, ANS matches the customer’s record against our national consumer and business databases. The match will provide additional information about each individual’s demographic, socioeconomic, psychographic and firmographic status.  The results of this process are outlined in the ANS Customer Profile Report.


What information will I gain from an ANS Customer Profile Report?

The report identifies commonalities among your database. It provides insight into trends for consumers or businesses in the following categories:


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Marital Status
  • Homeowner/Renter
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Mortgage Information
  • Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Occupation
  • Religion


  • Title
  • Years in Business
  • Department
  • Employee Size
  • Executive Level
  • Gender
  • SIC Code
  • Minority-Owned
  • Franchise

How will an ANS Customer Profile Report benefit my business?

In addition to greater customer insights, data visualization enables a more strategic marketing approach.  A detailed customer profile provides data – proof of things you may have already assumed about your leads and helps you delve deeper into the factors behind why your customers purchase your products or services.

Consequently, these reports may help you spot trends, year-over-year. Is your customer base aging or is your product catching on with younger generations as well?  Is their income steadily growing, staying relatively the same, or is it decreasing?

Recently, we ran a report for a client and compared customers from the prior year to customers from all years previous to that point.  The profile reports show that this client’s current repeat customers are more affluent than when the company was initially getting started. The company can use this information to better target content and products to match their audience. They may also use this information to determine how they can offer products and services to gain traction in less affluent segments.

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The profile report will steer you in the right direction to aid in your promotions, which will help you retain customers. It will provide insight into new avenues for customer acquisition campaigns. In addition, these findings assist in new product development as you can better identify the needs and wants of your customers based on their lifestyle and financial status.

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How do I gain actionable insight from my report?

With the ANS Customer Profile Report, you aren’t presented with a bunch of numbers in a spreadsheet and left to spot trends and actionable items on your own. The data is presented in a visually appealing format using graphs, charts, and infographics.

Also, our data analysts will provide feedback on trends and points of interest in the data results.  The analysis we draft is always unique to your data. Once the statistics of your customers are identified, we summarize the stats providing immediate business intelligence that quickly turn into data-driven decisions.  Finally, these insights will give your sales and marketing teams a complete picture of their target audience. A customer profile report unlocks the “why” behind your customer list.


Take your business intelligence and marketing strategy down to the individual level with an ANS Customer Profile Report.  Learn more on our website, call Patricia Thompson today at 1-800-434-1851, or send her an email at

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See an example of an ANS Customer Profile Report.

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