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The Data Behind Direct Mail

The Data Behind Direct Mail

As I get home from work each day I stop at the mailbox to grab my mail. My mailbox is located right next to a dumpster in the townhomes I live in and I always take a moment to sort through my mail and discard unwanted pieces before returning to my home. What classifies as unwanted? Anything that provides no value to me. Before you say bills add no value, stop. Think about what happens when you don’t pay them. Bills are valuable. They aren’t fun. But they have value.

But what about “junk mail”? You know, those direct mail pieces marketers create to entice you to purchase their goods or services. Do they add value? Without fail, some of these mail pieces will make it into my home every week. I at least skim all of them when deciding whether or not to throw them out. While some marketers move towards an all-digital approach, look at some interesting statistics from direct mail.

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So while direct mail isn’t perfect for every product or campaign, it remains an effective marketing channel in an increasingly digital space. For more information on implementing direct mail in your next campaign, check out this article.

This article was written by David Brian Fiso, Digital Media Manager at American Name Services

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