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Direct Mail: How to Track Response Rates

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If you’ve ever chatted with one of our account reps, you know we love direct mail. After each of our clients’ campaigns, we like to follow up and see how the campaign went. Occasionally we hear something like, “We filled our event, so it must have worked. Whatever you did this time, let’s do it again for the next campaign.” We’re happy they understand the value of direct mail, but tracking response rates is vital for continued direct mail success! If you know what is or isn’t working, you can improve for the next campaign. Here are three simple tracking methods for your next direct mail campaign.

top response rate tracking methods for direct mail


Website/Landing Page Links

Create a separate landing page link for each list you are mailing to. Recipients can go to the page to register, purchase or whatever your offer requires. Be sure to keep the links simple so it’s easy for people to get to your page.

Phone Numbers

Assign a different phone number for each mailing list. Make sure whoever answers the phone keeps a record of calls from each line so your tracking efforts aren’t in vain.


When you order the data for your campaign, ask the list company to assign keycodes to each list. This will allow you to track which list a contact came from. When it comes to future campaigns, you can look at previous results and order lists that had high response rates previously.

A keycode is a series of numbers and letters associated with a particular list. At ANS we typically use a series two letters and three numbers to make keycodes. See below

key code sample

Keycodes can be used as a coupon or registration code. For a physical retail location, you could require people to bring the mail piece to the store when they purchase. For online purchases, customers can simply type in the coupon code at checkout to receive the discount. Either way, but sure to keep a record of each keycode count.

Planning Direct Mail Response Tracking

Whichever tracking method you choose, be sure to include it in your initial planning phase. That way any coupon codes, links, or phone numbers can be part of your initial mail piece design and tracking plan. If you have any questions about tracking response rates or other questions relating to direct mail, feel free to contact our team at We’re happy to help!

Lindsey Lefevor, social media manager, ans

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