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Facebook’s New Mission, A Social Media Battle for Good

Facebook is approaching 2 billion monthly users, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg pivots on the company’s mission. Almost since its origin, Facebook has focused on giving people “the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” Now Zuckerberg realizes that the company needs to do more. As an all-star player in social media, there is no doubt that the company has the ability to do good. In fact, I believe many would argue that it already has.

Connecting the world is a lofty aspiration, but one that has become more plausible with the technology of social media. Now, however, there is a new mission—”To help people build community and bring the world closer together.”

So what does this new mission mean for businesses who use Facebook to provide value to customers? Here are a couple of ideas.

Do your part

Whether you agree with bringing communities closer together or not, there is something to be said for helping communities grow stronger together. There is real power in honest communication. The better we can understand one another, the more civil and pleasant life becomes. As a business, you are already an influencer to those who follow you for your product or service. As you produce content for your business, bring your followers closer to you by engaging them in conversations that are meaningful. This will help build a stronger social media presence on Facebook and bring your followers closer together within your community.

Use Groups

Facebook’s new mission is more specifically tailored to Facebook Groups. A business cannot join a group on Facebook, but you can use Facebook Groups internally to bring the people within your business closer together. Having a company Facebook Group is a great tool to help build the culture of your business.  A company united in serving its people and its customers is the perfect place to build a strong community.

At ANS, we take pride the community we have formed over the past 20 years. As the social media world evolves, we continuously seek to understand the directions that it may go. We are excited for Zuckerberg and his new mission to bring the world closer together through meaningful communities. It’s a commendable mission that we will do our part to help make happen within our company and the clients we serve.

By Michael Peterson, Social Media Editor at American Name Services


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