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List Broker: What is it, and Why do I Need One?

Have you thought about direct marketing for your business?  Whether it be direct mail, email, or telemarketing; direct marketing has continued to show success through its positive response rates.  There is great worth found in direct marketing and even greater worth when seeking out new leads by renting third party marketing lists.  When you rent a list for usage, it expands your reach, helping you find new leads with similar attributes to your target audience.

What is a List Broker?

Finding the right marketing list can be very difficult and confusing without a knowledge of the industry.  List Brokers exist for this very reason!  List brokers have extensive experience in the data industry.  They have full access to the marketing lists available on the market and know how to find targeted lists through specific search criteria.  List brokers help with many aspects of data acquisition and integration and will be a huge asset for you in your next direct marketing campaign.  Below are more services a list broker can do for you:

  • Help find new lists
  • Help test mailing lists against others
  • Negotiate best prices with the list owner
  • Recommend other media (email/social media) to test alongside your direct mail campaign
  • Help evaluate response rates, revenue, and other results
  • Manage all invoicing for rented lists

Why Should I Hire a List Broker?

The most important thing to understand about list brokers is that they don’t cost you a thing.  List brokers are paid on commission from the rented lists’ owner.  The only thing that you pay is for the list rental itself.  This means that brokers will do everything in their power to give you the best results and price on all marketing lists.  Everything they do is in your best interest; you could say that they are your partner or even your advocate for all of your direct marketing needs.  So why not hire a free direct marketing consultant?

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