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Direct Mail Marketing: Old School Yet Effective?

In the world of marketing, there’s a constant debate over whether or not direct mail is a worthy investment. ANS has been in the direct mail business for over 20 years. As a company, we’ve become more innovative and have expanded our marketing tool belt, but direct mail is still the most popular and responsive service. In fact, it has helped one of our current clients go from $0 annual revenue to over $130 million in just three years. Direct mail is very effective when done correctly, which is why we recommend it so highly. Target Marketing’s Carolyn Goodman also recommends direct mail marketing to her clients. In her article, “Direct Mail: Is It Old Fashioned If It Still Works?” she shares key reasons why it is worthy of your attention.

Direct Mail Response Rates

Did you know that it’s common for direct mail campaigns to receive a 1 percent response rate when executed well? “If you executed a postal campaign to 10,000 targets, and achieved a 1 percent response rate, you’d gain 100 customers.” With high customer values, that’s a great ROI. Keep in mind, a high response rate also requires quality data, a compelling call to action with an attractive offer, and an eye-catching mail piece.

Digital Overload

Digital marketing is cost-effective and it’s easy to reach millions of people with less effort. However, the market is highly competitive and overcrowded. While ANS also offer digital marketing services, we typically recommend running a postal campaign in tandem with digital campaigns. Multiple points of contact through different mediums can be much more effective than simply adding to the digital overload. With good brand recognition, the mail piece and digital ad work together to increase response.

If you’re interested in more information on how a direct mail campaign can boost your marketing efforts, send an email to, and your new direct marketing partner at American Name Services will be in touch.

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