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Quit Stereotyping Your Clients

Do you remember the “good old days” back in high school when everyone was part of a clique? The majority of this lumping groups was based on people that only had one thing in common. If you haven’t broken the habit of stereotyping yet, it’s time. Do it for your company. Like in high school, if you only focus on one characteristic, you may miss essential aspects. It is time to start thinking about ALL the characteristics of data that create a quality lead.

Have you ever Googled the word “stereotype?” Here’s Google’s definition:

Stereotype: a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

Identifying Your True Clients

Let’s say our clients are Ogres. What do we know about these clients?


  •     Green
  •     Live in the swamp
  •     Stinky
  •     Scary

Although all this is true, we didn’t take into account the layers. Ogres have layers; layers and layers of identity that often are forgotten.

This idea brings me back to stereotypes. Stereotypes are “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.” Each of our clients has layers of data and information that can help us become smart marketers, but we often only skim the surface and stereotype them into categories like  “people 35+ in the US.”

Characteristics of Data-broad data

Think of the characteristics of data that we typically use. Probably a name, maybe age and gender. These are the “stereotypes” of our client, the broad and oversimplified version of a client. These are essential starting points, but they are starting points nonetheless. There is so much more to our clients– layers and layers of data, similar to “onions” or “cake,” as Shrek would say.

Characteristics of Data-layers of onionDo we have their email address? Are our clients political? Religious? Do they own a business? What is their occupation? Income? Do our clients own homes? Do they have a mortgage? What are their hobbies? Do our clients like cats? Or dogs? What is their household size?

If you are marketing to another business, are they small business owners? How much is their annual rent? Annual utilities? Are their business insurance expenses over $100K?

Is your head spinning? Are you left wondering who your customer is? If so, ANS can help. By merely giving ANS your customer file, we can run a customer profile and by doing so, tell you who your customer is.

Characteristics of Data-forty-two percent

“42% of B2B marketing professionals state that a lack of quality data is their biggest barrier to lead generation.” (BrightTalk,2015) [Source:]

Characteristics of Data-your customer

Find Your Lookalike

Quality leads mean more revenue. If time is spent sending out content to a blanket audience, the likelihood of low-quality leads is high and increased income is low. Inadvertently you begin throwing money away. Consider the alternative– ANS running a customer profile and giving you the characteristics of data for your clients that compute quality leads. We can find the specific data that makes your customers YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Knowing your customers allows you to model a marketing plan based on the actual people who will buy your product or service. Lookalike audiences can be created on social platforms, and data can be pulled matching your current customer, each forming a targeted marketing plan giving you high-quality leads.

Like getting past the stereotypical layers of an ogre friend, ANS can peel away all your customers’ layers and find the full characteristics of your customer data. Call ANS today at 801-235-8061 to get to know your customer. 

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