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Get Motivated Update

  Attendees to the Get Motivated Seminars. These seminars feature high-profile speakers that include U.S. Presidents, business magnates, professional athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and Olympians. These action-packed seminars focus on self-improvement, personal development, continuing education, entrepreneurial training, and leadership and management skills training. This training offers something for everyone, and are well attended by professionals in… Read More Get Motivated Update

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Licensed Professionals File

American Name Services | Licensed Professionals File Decision Makers reached on the ANS Licensed Professionals File This complete comprehensive list of Business to Business Licensed Professionals is derived from a variety of sources with multiple verification processes. With over 90 licensed categories this database receives regular updates from industry-specific business organizations and directories, self-reported &… Read More Licensed Professionals File

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A Successful Marketing Database

HOW MARKETABLE IS YOUR DATABASE? Are you marketing to your in-house database?  Have you recently mailed to your database or is your customer file outdated and missing information?  Did you know that you will spend more money to acquire a new customer than to retain a current one? Your customer database is your biggest gold-mine! Here… Read More A Successful Marketing Database

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Get More Seminar Attendees

ANS – the most experienced Marketing Agency for Seminar and Event Groups American Name Services has been providing marketing services for groups just like yours for the last 20 years. What sets ANS apart? • The most current and responsive seminar leads • Strategic Planning based on 20 years of experience • Data Health Assessment… Read More Get More Seminar Attendees

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Data Doctors

Poor Data Health decreases campaign Success Our ever changing physical and online world dramatically impacts the overall performance of your customer file. Before you launch your next marketing campaign consider these areas of focus for a healthier database: • Data Quality – Is the Data clean? • Data Latency – Is the Data Current? •… Read More Data Doctors

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Spam Keywords to Avoid

Spam Keywords to Avoid In the world of Email Marketing, it is critical to develop a positive reputation as a sender. In email subject lines and in the body of the email campaign itself, the use of proper keywords is critical. The wrong keyword can trigger spam filters and increase the likelihood of email being… Read More Spam Keywords to Avoid

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Response vs Compiled Data

Which data type is right for you? In the preliminary stages of your marketing campaign it’s important for you to understand if response or compiled data is better suited for you. Response-generated lists are lists of individuals who have responded to some kind of direct marketing offer. An example of this is a list of… Read More Response vs Compiled Data