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ANS Customer Profile Report – An Inside Look

Recently we brought on a new list management client. Their customer file consists of buyers and members of the websites, and

A snapshot of the ANS Customer Profile Report we produced for our new management client shows that while the home value for their customers pretty closely follows the average, the age of their clients does not. This is important to identify. It may indicate to our client that their current marketing content is well-received by a more mature audience.

data profile report, customer profile report

data profile report, customer profile report

Other business intelligence provided visually on the report, shows hobbies and interests shared by the customers.  This information can be helpful for product development, corporate partnership, and content creation. Not surprisingly, these individuals are 2.8 times more likely to be interested in aerobic exercise. However, we also learn about more surprising interests.  For example, the individuals are:

  • 3.25 times more likely to listen to audiobooks
  • 2.4 times more likely to collect music
  • 2.25 times more likely to support wildlife causes

data profile report

Begin with Data Hygiene

As with all new clients, we perform standard processes when we initially receive their database.  These processes include:

  • Data Standardization – This program makes names and addresses more uniform, leaving the database clean and orderly.
  • CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certification – A certification process the USPS developed for ensuring mailing list addresses are complete and accurate.
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) – A method for updating addresses of individuals who have moved.
  • Data Append – The process by which missing information, or desired additional information, is added to a record within a customer file.


Creating A Customer Profile Report

Once the data hygiene is completed, then we add demographic and socioeconomic information to the data through the data append process. When this append is complete, a “data profile report” is created to provide a visual representation of the customer database. Data visualization makes it easier to spot trends and areas of interest in the data. Also included is an algorithmic national average to set a “baseline.” This algorithmic average is important. When we identify what “normal” is, we can then focus on areas where customers are either above or below that standard. These outliers provide insight into what makes the data unique. This unique information creates business intelligence to use in marketing strategy and planning, as well as business and product development.

Why ANS Needs to Create Your Customer Profile Report

While your company may be able to plot data points on a chart, an ANS Data Profile Report is unique in several ways:

  • ANS adds value with additional demographic and socioeconomic information about each individual on your customer file. Their hobbies and interests, socioeconomic factors and more.
  • We create an algorithmic national average based upon your unique database to show what is above or below normal.
  • Consequently, our data profile reports compare your data with the algorithmic average to provide a visual representation and areas of interest.
  • Above all, we provide actionable insight. It’s not helpful to receive a data profile report for your customer data and then not know what to do with it or how to implement the findings.

The information we provided to our new management client on their profile report, coupled with our actionable insights, will help them tailor content and products to reach new customers, cross-sell, and retain existing customers. We’d love to do the same for you!

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