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Direct Mail Guide: The List & Print and Mail (Part 3 of 4)

This post is the third installment in our four-month direct mail guide series. We are walking you through the basics of direct mail. In part one, we reviewed why now is a great time to spend marketing dollars on direct mail. If you missed part one, you will find it here.

In part two, we discussed the planning and creation of a direct mail offer and mail piece. You can find that here.

In part three, we’ll continue direct mail preparations by discussing “the list,” meaning the postal mailing list, and preparations for print and mail.

The Mailing List

Even the best mail piece will return the worst results if the offer never gets in the hands of the right people. Mailing lists are selected based on specific geographic and demographic information. You will then place an order and rent the names from a list broker, like ANS. Concerning cost, the list rental (typically rented for one send) is one of the most affordable elements of a direct mail campaign. 

A reputable list provider, like ANS, will be able to run counts based on your specific geographic and demographic targeting selection to let you know how many records they can provide. Once you have the available count, you will place an order for a particular quantity of names. The list of postal addresses can be sent directly to you for mail deployment, or to a mail house that will manage the send for you.

Components of a Successful Direct Mail Campaign, Offer = 20%, Creative = 20%, List = 60%

Print and Mail

When choosing a printer, check to see if they also provide mail house services. Opting for a combined printer and mail house can save money. First, you’re paying commission to one company instead of two. Occasionally, they can print the mailing addresses at the same time as the rest of the mail piece. This means you would only pay for one print run instead of two. 

While ANS does not handle mail house services, we can recommend professional print and mail shops. Reach out to us at 1-800-434-1851.

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Join us next month for part four, the final installment.

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