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Direct Mail Guide: The Offer & The Mail Piece (Part 2 of 4)

Our second installment in a four-month series where we walk you through the basics of direct mail. In part one, we reviewed why now is a great time to spend marketing dollars on direct mail. If you missed part one, you can find it, here.

We’ve established that direct mail boasts fantastic response rates and helps brands achieve physical presence in a digital world, but what’s the next step? Parts 2 & 3 of this series will discuss the main items you’ll need to plan and create when gearing up for your direct mail campaign.

The Offer

An effective direct mail offer delivers two explicit messages to the customer:

  1. The offer creates a higher perception of value through language that communicates special pricing, discounts, or promotions.
  2. The offer creates a sense of urgency by creating scarcity about the offer and product or service.

As you craft your offer, be conscious of how it communicates both value and urgency. When done well, these campaigns are capable of substantial ROI gains.

ANS Customer Profile Report
A well-crafted offer requires you to know your customers. A Customer Profile Report from ANS can help! Learn more.

The Mail Piece

The mail piece is the physical content that will land directly in the hands of your prospective clients. The design of your mail piece will ultimately determine the results of your campaign. If the design is difficult to understand and read, potential customers will not act on the offer you’ve crafted. When designed well, even mediocre offers can see an above-average performance.

Direct mail checklist
Check out our handy mail piece checklist.

Designing a mail piece can be done in-house, but in many instances, this job is outsourced to graphic designers at either a print shop or other marketing group. ANS can consult on your mail piece design or connect you with reputable mail piece designers.

Join us next month for part three.

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