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Targeting Business Professionals in Your Niche

Stop wasting time and money targeting businesses that won’t respond to your product or services! It’s time to get noticed by the business professionals in your niche. Target individuals within the following types of companies: Franchises – 1,782,389 available Fortune 1000 – 468,743 available Female Owned – 925,310 available Minority Owned – 386,433 available Non-Profit… Read More Targeting Business Professionals in Your Niche

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The Truth About Direct Mail

Is direct mail still relevant? I went to college and earned my degree in marketing with an emphasis in digital marketing. My studies included classes like digital marketing, web analytics, digital media, and social media marketing. In fact, the focus was so heavily centered on digital marketing that I never really considered direct mail as… Read More The Truth About Direct Mail

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Direct Mail vs Digital Ads

A Scientific Study Today’s world is becoming more and more digital. The change is not just in how information is accessed, but also in how it is presented. As marketing transitions from physical to digital, is it getting better? Are the digital ads replacing physical ads as the most effective strategy? DM News’ article, Direct mail Has a Greater Effect on Purchase Than Digital Ads by Al… Read More Direct Mail vs Digital Ads