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Data Design

  When you hear the word “data”, analytics, insights, or numbers may come to mind. My mind goes to target audiences, direction, and design. We all joke that my job at ANS is to “make things look pretty.” Making something pretty is only half the goal though. It doesn’t matter how pretty a show poster,… Read More Data Design

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Adobe MAX 2017

Adobe MAX Overview Adobe MAX is The Creativity Conference. If you work in marketing, web design, graphic design, or another creative field, you may have heard of Adobe MAX. During its annual gathering, Adobe gathers the best creative minds, talents, and companies together to push the boundaries of creativity. During the conference, attendees experience a… Read More Adobe MAX 2017

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Multi-Channel Marketing | Reach More of Your Ideal Client

What is multi-channel marketing? Multi-channel marketing is a way of reaching potential customers from multiple sources. There are so many options nowadays when it comes to marketing methods. Millions of people around the world are browsing online, shopping in-store, scrolling through social media, checking their email, and much more, which makes them reachable to companies… Read More Multi-Channel Marketing | Reach More of Your Ideal Client

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Why Marketing Through LinkedIn is the Sexy Thing to Do

Super Bowl Sunday stands out in the minds of most Americans as a day of exciting football, a gluttonous intake of buffalo wings, half-time shows, excessive mourning for the losing team’s fans, and some of the most creative and hilarious commercials of the year. Somehow, the sequence of these TV advertisements takes you on a… Read More Why Marketing Through LinkedIn is the Sexy Thing to Do

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Recontent: A Marketing Content Strategy

A solid content strategy is vital to campaign success. Pushing out quality content yields desirable results, but unfortunately creating all that content can require an overwhelming amount of time, especially for a small marketing team. What is the solution to continue producing quality content without spending so much time on creation? Recontent. That is, re-purposing… Read More Recontent: A Marketing Content Strategy

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Quality Consumer Leads: ANS Preferred Consumer File

Quality Consumer Leads Reach the consumers you’re looking for with the Preferred Consumer File from ANS. Go beyond basic demographics like age, geo, and gender. Dig a little deeper to ensure you have the consumer leads you need for a successful campaign. Popular Hobbies & Interests Selections Career Improvement Religious Parenting Sweepstakes & Contests Investments Health… Read More Quality Consumer Leads: ANS Preferred Consumer File